Blood Of Olympus Snippets

Hey Guys! As promised, here are the six latest snippets of Blood of Olympus. If you haven’t read Percy Jackson or Blood of Olympus, I highly recommend these books and if you are currently reading one of the books in either series, you shouldn’t read this as there are some spoilers! Here they are:

Clue 1: Hazel Levesque
Hazel stuck the point of her spatha under Nike’s chin.
“Explain,” her voice was harder than Leo had ever heard, “Which of us will die? How do we stop it?”
Nike said, “Ah, tell the Pluto, your magic will help you cheat in this contest, but you cannot cheat destiny. One of you will die, one of you must die.”

Clue 2: Jason Grace- This clue sounds like something from The Lost Hero, however it is confirmed that it is definitely from Blood of Olympus.
Jason knew he shouldn’t look, but he couldn’t close his eyes as Juno went Supernova, revealing her true godly form. Pain seared Jason’s mind his body burned away in layers like an onion.

Clue 3: Leo Valdez
It was a long shot, if he failed it would crush him not just emotionally, it would physically crush him.

Clue 4: Piper McLean
Aphrodite’s words came back to Piper. “Must bridge the gap between Roman and Greek my child. Neither storm nor fire can succeed without you,”
Aphrodite had warned her of what was to come, told her what Piper would have to do to defeat Gaea. Whether or not she would have the courage Piper didn’t know.

Clue 5: Percy Jackson
Jason had never met this particular giant, but he had heard stories. Polybotes, the anti-Poseidon. The giant shook his dreadlocks, a dozen serpents swam free, each one light green with a frilled frown around its head.Basilisks.
“Indeed son of Rome,” the giant said, “but if you’ll excuse me, my immediate businesses is with Percy Jackson. I tracked him all the way across Tartarus. Now here in his father’s ruins, I need to crush him once and for all.”

Clue 6: Reyna
She couldn’t tell her friends how much she feared ghosts, or why she feared them. The whole reason why she and her sister had run away from San Juan all those years ago. That secret had to stay buried.

I am so excited for Blood of Olympus, but at the same time I am dreading it because I don’t want my childhood idols to die (Percy and Annabeth). I do not know how I will react if they die. Not only  am I scared of deaths but I don’t want one of my favorite series to end. Rick Riodan said that two people of the seven are going to die. I don’t mind if Jason dies because I do not like him that much (Please don’t hate me). He kind of reminds me of a Percy Jackson wannabe, and I nearly exploded when Piper said Percy looked unimpressive. Percy Jackson is a god!

Anyway, if you want another snippet you can read the first chapter of Blood of Olympus, when you purchase Staff of Serapis on kindle, Ipad or Android. There is still one more clue and I’ll post it once it comes out! Comment below your theories about Blood of Olympus:


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