Book News- 10/102014

Book News:

First of all, Blood of Olympus, The Young Elites and Black Ice! All came out!! And stay tuned for Oct 14th because My True Love Gave To Me comes out. This book is a collection of holiday stories from our favorite contemporary authors, which include Rainbow Rowell, Gayle Forman and Stephanie Perkins! Yay!! On October 28th, Atlantia by Ally Condie comes out!!

It’s confirmed the last movie of The Maze Runner Trilogy, The Death Cure, will not be split into two parts. Finally, the first movie finale in a million years which has not been split into two parts!

There has been a lot of hype about JK Rowling’s tweets, which seem to be hinting to a new Harry Potter book. However, nothing has been confirmed- so do not get your hopes up!

There has also been a new snippet for Ruby Circle! Ahhh! So excited for this book- because Rose Hathaway is back!!!
Rose was braced beside Sydney, ready to pounce. The two of them made a striking combo, one dark and one golden, both utterly beautiful in the face of this danger. They were beautiful in their deadliness,”

There has also been a lot of hype about Rick Riodan’s next book, Magnus Chase and The Gods of Astrid. I have a theory that Magnus Chase is Annabeth’s cousin as Annabeth has once mentioned about a cousin who lives with his uncle and in the synopsis for Magnus Chase and The Gods of Astrid, it states that Magnus Chase lives with his uncle. I may be wrong but it seems like a pretty valid reason.

There will also be a sequel to Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods called The Greek Heroes!!

That’s all stay tuned next week for more Book News!


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