Blood of Olympus review

Title: Blood of Olympus
Author: Rick Riodan
Release Date: 7th Oct, 2014
Rating: 8.5/10

Review on the one and only, Blood of Olympus!! This book was amazing and I was so lucky to receive it two days earlier. It is not as good as Mark of Athena, but it was a stunning ending to a great series! I was really upset that this was the last book of a childhood series and I felt nostalgic throughout the whole book. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!


I do have a few rants about this book. First of all, there were no chapters at all with Percy nor Annabeth’s perspective. This is the last book of a popular series and I think most people would of enjoyed it if it had two of the most popular character’s perspective. Not only that, but Rick put Jason’s perspective and he is my least favorite character. The first chapter starts with him complaining about how old he feels. Well, you know what Jason suck it up princess. Out of all of the character’s perspective I enjoyed Piper’s the most. I enjoyed the idea of putting in Nico’s and Reyna’s perspective, as we got to find out more about them. I also have one small little problem, the book was WAY TOO SHORT! I honestly thought it was going to be a long book but then the book finished 50 pages before the end because of Staff of Serapis and the Glossary.

Now onto the pros, the book may not have had a lot of percabeth moments but the when they did creep up they were so cute. The ending when they were planning their future and the cute kissing scene just before Gaia wakes. Percy was much more clumsier in this book which I enjoyed, such as, the whole nose blood incident. Annabeth was so sassy and was it just me or was she more dependant on others. It really annoyed me because I looked up to Annabeth all my life. I loved the quote “That was the dumbest risk I’ve ever seen someone take and I date a dumb risk taker”. That was so cute!

I loved the ending, except for the fact that Leo “died” and I started hysterically crying when Piper and Jason was recalling the memories of Leo on the rooftop. I was glad that he made it to Oggyia and ended up with Calypso. It made me so happy to see that one of my favorite book series ended with Leo and Calypso riding off on Festus, happy the dragon. It was a perfect fairy tale ending!

I will forever keep this book in my heart- it may be the last wait for a Percy Jackson book, it may be the last time I read about Annabeth and Percy, it may be the last Percy Jackson book I ever will own. But I promise to always remember my childhood book of my generation!


4 thoughts on “Blood of Olympus review

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I loved the book but your right I wanted more percabeth. I also expected a percy or annabeths point of view I was really upset that it did not happen because I wanted to see how Percy and Annabeth where doing after getting out of Tartures. I was really hoping for an epilogue as well even though that didn’t happen. 😦 But it was a pretty good book. I’m so sad about this being the last book. Though I can’t wait till Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard. I hope Percy and Annabeth make a appearance sometime in the series.

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  2. Like you, I totally loved Leo’s ending. He deserved it. The showdown with Gaia was a tad short for all the build-up, and the lack of Percy & Annabeth was odd. I hope Riordan revisits these guys, but with a Nico spin-off. I’d love to see that! I grew to really love him, and would enjoy seeing how he ended up beyond getting his (possibly) first boyfriend. Great review!

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