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My Thoughts On: The Mortal Instruments TV Show!-

Disclaimer: This “My Thoughts On” does contain slight spoilers.

So if you didn’t know already The Mortal Instruments is being turned into a TV Show! SO EXCITING! We as a fandom are so lucky because we already had a flopped movie which was pretty bad. The movie added things in and a lot of the plot was manipulated badly. For example, Simon already showed signs of being a vampire and he wasn’t turned into a rat.

I am really excited but I do not want to get my hopes up because I don’t want to turn into a TV Show like Pretty Little Liars where they change the plot completely in order for the show to continue and drag on. I also don’t want the production company to only release the pilot like Delirium which ended badly.So, on the other hand, I am extremely nervous.

The information we have so far:
Constantin Film controls the rights to The Mortal Instruments
Ed Decter will be the show-runner
Each show will run for an hour long
Casting will be released by the end of the year
Production will begin early 2015
It will start from City of Bones

I would prefer if they recasted and started all over again. Besides, I don’t think the actors and actresses would want to re-do the movie. I also do not like Jamie-Cambell Bower as Jace he looks to old and he isn’t hot enough. I have no particular actor in my mind but whoever the pick better be an exact copy of Jace. I quite like Lily Collins as Clary. I thought she really suited the role she was young, red haired and had a similar personality to book Clary. I do not really know who else would be a good Clary. I also really like Robert Sheehan as Simon. Many think Logan Lerman should be Simon but I totally disagree.

Now onto the TV Channels! I have three channels which I would like The Mortal Instruments to be broadcasted on! First, I would really like The Mortal Instruments to be aired on NBC, for many reasons. One, its free to the public so no one needs to buy a cable box in order to watch it. Secondly, quite a few famous TV Shows are broadcasted on NBC. So, I think it is a perfect fit, the only problem I have is that not that many teens are on that channel except when America’s Got Talent is on. Another channel similar to NBC would be ABC Family- home to Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters- it would also be perfect for The Mortal Instruments. I also think HBO would be pretty good. Game of Thrones kicked off from this channel and I think it would be pretty good. However, it is not free to the public. If TNT, PBC or something similar gets the TV Show I would be pretty mad because who watches those channels? I wouldn’t want it to be a Netflix film either because like HBO not everyone has it and how many Netflix TV Shows are famous and popular (other than Orange is The New Black)?

A lot of money would have to go into this film because of all the special effects and the editing process but if they do it right it could boom. I am so excited and I can’t wait! Hopefully it doesn’t flop like the movie.

Share your thoughts in the comments- Who do you fancast and which channel do you want the TV Show to be broadcasted from?


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On: The Mortal Instruments TV Show!-

  1. I am sooooooo excited for this TV series. The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices are one of my all time favorite book series. I think that the story would be better described through a TV show then 6 movies. I just hope that there would be new actors playing the characters (except Clary, Simon, and Izzy)

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