Book News- 8/11/14

Book News Guys!!! It hasn’t been an eventful week but it’s 12 more days until MOCKINGJAY!!! Who’s excited?

Talking about Mockingjay Part 1, the new music video for Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde was released yesterday. Unfortunately, there are no Mockingjay scenes shown in the video. The new Mockingjay Game on the App Store came out as well!

On Tuesday, The Retribution of Mara Dyer came out. I can’t wait to go buy it online, as they didn’t have any in stock at my local bookstore. The Bane Chronicles will be released in three days on the 11th- so go pre-order it for more Magnus and the crew. The YALL Fest in America also started today!

A new The Dark Artifices snippet came out yesterday:
“You’ve got a lot of responsibility now,” Jace said to Julian. “You’ll have to make sure Emma winds up with a guy who deserves her.”
Julian was strangely white-faced. Maybe he was feeling the effects of the ceremony, Emma thought. It had been strong magic; she still felt it sizzling through her blood like champagne bubbles. But Jules looked as if he’d been slapped.
“What about me?” Emma said, quickly. “Don’t I have to make sure Jules winds up with someone who deserves him?”
“Absolutely. I did it for Alec, Alec did it for me — well, actually, he hated Clary at first, but he came around.”
“I bet you didn’t like Magnus much, either,” said Julian, still with the same odd, stiff look on his face.
“Maybe not,” said Jace, “but I never would have said so.”
“Because it would have hurt Alec’s feelings?” Emma asked.
“No,” said Jace, “because Magnus would have turned me into a hat rack.”
Can’t wait for this book!!

That’s all this week on Book News- check out next week for more.


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