Book News- 15/11/2014

Hey Guys! I am back from camp and I am so happy to be back! Due to the lack of technology I may not be able to cover everything that has happened this week but next week I promise to keep you guys properly updated.

So this week the new Insurgent teaser trailer came out! I new “My Thoughts On” will be released soon and it included Shailene Woodley and Ashley Judd(Natalie Prior). It went for about 53s.

A new mini Mockingjay clip also came out yesterday. It was the scene where Peeta is being filmed by the capitol to ask for a ceasefire and Katniss and Gale is watching him. It comes out in five days and I can’t wait.

I also found out this week that The Darkest Mind is being made into a movie. I am still reading the book as I haven’t had much time due to camp and other activities but I am reading as fast as I can!

That’s all this week and I hope you guys stay tuned for more posts in the future!!


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