Book News- 21/11/14

Hey Guys! So the most exciting piece of book news this week would have to be, no doubt, that THE MOCKINGJAY PART ONE MOVIE CAME OUT on Thursday. I can’t wait to watch it!!! The soundtrack also came out and I have to say, the songs are amazing. The Mockingjay Premiere was also this week!

There has also been two new snippets from Cassandra Clare. One from The Dark Artifices:
Have I?” asked Mark. “Is this my home?” He looked over at Emma. “I can say this to you because you are not a Blackthorn. You do not have Blackthorn blood running through your veins. I have been in the land of Faerie for years and it is a place where mortal blood is turned to fire. It is a place of beauty and terror beyond what can be imagined here. I have ridden with the Wild Hunt. I have carved a clear path of freedom among the stars and outrun the wind. And now I am asked to walk upon the earth again.”
“You belong where you’re loved,” Emma said. It was something her father had said, something she had always believed. She belonged here because Jules loved her and the children loved her. “Were you loved in Faerie?”
A shadow seemed to come down over Mark’s eyes, like curtains closing in a dark room.
There was also one unidentified snippet:
There was nothing less sexy than an angry-looking cat on your bed.

The new book Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover, had a cover reveal earlier this week.

That’s all this week on book news


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