My Favorite Quotes

“Words have the power to change us” -Tess Gray

This quote is just one of my many favorite quotes. I love quotes because they can be so inspiring and they tend to make a mark in my heart. It’s amazing how many I have memorised. In my spare time, I love to just search up quotes because of how touching and inspiring some are. My three favorite books /series with some of my favorite quotes are The Infernal Devices (by Cassandra Clare), Looking for Alaska (by John Green) and Delirium Series* (by Lauren Oliver). So, I’m gonna show you my three favorite quotes from three inspiring and touching books/series!

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
If you guys didn’t know already, this is one of my favorite book series ever. I love the character development, the love triangle and the way it is set in a different era. Coming into this book, I thought I wouldn’t like it because of the era it was set in (London Victorian Era) but after reading I came to understand love and family a lot more.
Three Favorite Quotes:

1) “Sometimes, when I have to do something I don’t want to do, I pretend I am character from a book. Its easier to know what they would do,”
I love this quote so much because it is really relatable and in a sense, inspiring. Whenever, I find myself in a position where I am pushed to my limits I imagine that I am in the mind of one of my favorite character and think of what they would do if they were in my position and by doing that it tends to past the time or push me to do better

2) “He wanted to make her laugh, he wanted to sit and listen to her talk about books until his ears fell off, but all these were things he could not want and wanting what you could not have lead to misery and madness”
This broke my heart when Will said this but what really hits me is the end phrase where he states, “Wanting what you could not have lead to misery and madness,”. It never really occur to me that wanting something you could never have could lead to misery, but after a lot of contemplation it makes a lot of sense. Dwelling on things you can’t have is no use, so get over it but in Will’s case it was completely different and he got what he wanted. Will and Tessa’s relationship really inspired me to find someone who would sacrifice as much as Will did for Tessa and love the same things as I do, like Will and Tessa’s love for books.

3) “It is better to know the truth and painful as it is, it is better than being lied to. It is better than going on loving someone who cannot love me back. Better than wasting all that feeling.”
I really like this quote because of the meaning behind it. It is better to know the truth and even though it can be painful it is better than being lied to and knowing the truth is better than loving someone who doesn’t love them back so that they don’t need to waste all their feelings.

Looking For Alaska
I read this book about a month ago and I fell in love with the witty lines and the true inspiring quotes. I loved Alaska’s story and her personality. I liked the way the used The Labyrinth as an analogy for life because a maze is exactly like life- you take to wrong turns and you spend your whole life wondering how you’ll get out of this maze and where you will be when you do get out of it.
Three Favorite Quotes:

1) “Thomas Edison’s last words were, “It’s very beautiful over there,” I don’t know where there is but I believe it’s somewhere and I hope it’s beautiful”
This quote kind of sheds light to the future. A place where somewhere after we die is far away and beautiful, we will never be able to find out about it but at least we can hope it’s somewhere and that it is beautiful- a place we won’t regret going to.

2)”You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape it one day and how awesome it will be and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present”
I love this quote because of the reality behind it. It’s so true we spend so much time trying to predict our perfect future, dreaming about it and planning it but in the end that goes to waste because it will never be the same as what you thought of. We think of perfect futures to just escape the present- to give us hope. Kind of similar to a book, we use books to escape our lives into other lives.

3)”Maybe there’s something you’re afraid to say, something you’re afraid to love or somewhere you’re afraid to go. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt because it matters.”
I kind of live by this quote- it pulls me through a lot of things. I love it a lot because like the previous quote there is a lot of reality in it that many of us are scared of admitting, in a sense. It reminds me of the saying,”Everything happens for a reason.” You may be blocked by a hurdle (For example something you are afraid of) but it is only put in your way to hurt you or to scare you because in the future it will matter  and shape you to become a better person. That’s why whenever I am set back by a challenge or I am sad, I always remind myself that it will all matter in the future and that I will change to become someone better.

Delirium may not be something inspirational as a whole, but some of the quotes in there are definitely inspiring. Lena is a fairly strong character who overcomes a lot of challenges and loses through the book but she always manages to bounce right back up to keep going.
Three Favorite Quotes:

1) “You can build walls all the way to the sky and I will find a way to fly above them. You can try to pin me down with a hundred thousand arms, but I will find a way to resist,”
I love this quote a lot, it gives me a lot of courage. When someone is hurting me or demeaning me or if I am faced by a challenge I repeat this quote in my head and I try to retaliate. It’s really inspiring to me and it’s funny how often I remind myself of it.

2) “Love, the deadliest of all deadly things. It kills you both when you have it and when you don’t”
This quote is so true- when you have love you tend to dwell on it and it gives you more to be scared about, like:if they actually love you, but it can also be deadly because everyone needs love- it gives a sort of barrier or protection net for someone.

3) “He who leaps to the sky may fall it’s true but he may also fly,”
Like the first delirium quote it is very inspiring- you must risk things and take chances because in the end you may “fly”. You have setbacks and failures but there is a chance of having a success. It also a quote I tend to remind myself of, especially when I am frustrated that I can’t do something.

Quotes are one of my favorite parts about a book, they shape you, change you and inspire you to become the person you are today. Like one of my favorite quote from The Infernal Devices, “Words have the power to change us,” and they really do. They change me so much. Now, instead of breaking down and crying in hard situations I try to be brave and remind myself that, “It hurt because it matters,” In my opinion, I think I’ve become a more brave, daring and positive person and it’s all thanks to the quotes in my books.

I highly recommend the books mentioned in this post- for all you know you may be changed and inspired. Share your favorite quotes in the comments:


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