Book News- 29/11/14

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday, everyone!! So, this week I watched Mockingjay and it was pretty good but I expected more. For example, I swear Gale only spoke 10 lines and 80% of them were Hello’s and Thank You’s- I wanted more Gale!!!!

Anyway, back to Book News, a new snippet of The Last Hours was released:
“Cordelia Carstairs,” Will said, after greeting her mother. “How pretty you’ve become.”
Cordelia beamed. If Will thought she was pretty, perhaps his son thought so, too. Of course Will was entirely prejudiced toward all things Carstairs. He even thought Alastair was perfect (and, possibly, also pretty).”
Not only that, but for all those hard-core Clace shippers-an un-edited version of the City of Heavenly Fire cave scene was released. The tarot cards that Cassandra Jean drew for the Shadowhunter Chronicles will be up for grabs on Monday!

This week, I read Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover and discovered that Nick Bateman will be Miles in the new Movie adaptation. It was also Jamie Campbell Bower’s Birthday!

That’s all this week on Book News!


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