5 “OMG” Moments in Vampire Academy

Hello Book-boys and Fangirls,

If you have read Vampire Academy before you would know that the book is exactly like a roller-coaster- the feels just go up and down. It’s so much fun to read and I totally recommend it. The characters are witty, brave and lovable and the romance between the two main characters is so much fun to read.


I will be rating the top five most OMG moments in the Vampire Academy series, from least “OMG” to “OMG!OMG!OMG!”. So let’s start with:
5) Mason’s Death
Mason was a character that was introduced as one of Rose’s close friends and it is not long after that, where we learn that Mason loves Rose. Towards the end of Frostbite, Mason dies saving Rose from a Strigoi. It was so sad because Mason was a very likable character and I enjoyed his witty lines. We do see him again in Shadow Kiss as a ghost, which is very exciting.

4) Rose’s Escape from Dimitri
This scene is towards the end of Blood Promise where Dimitri captures Rose and forces her to turn Strigoi. She then tries to escape and Dimitri catches up but she stabs Dimitri. I honestly thought that this would be the end of Dimitri and my heart was racing.

3) Tasha and Dimitri
When Tasha entered the picture, I knew something bad was going to happen. Little did I know, it was Tasha’s feelings towards Dimitri. I ship Dimitri and Rose so hard, so it wasn’t a surprised when I gasped out loud when I discovered Tasha asked Dimitri to be her guardian. Thank god, Dimitri refused the offer. I was also very shocked to find out that it was Tasha who killed the Queen, in revenge and jealousy. I hated Tasha so much. This was definitely “OMG” worthy.

2) Dimitri Rejecting Rose
“OMG” this is definitely one of the most heart-wrenching plot twists, I’ve ever read. After Dimitri comes back from being Strigoi, he refuses to see Rose and asks for Lissa believing he is her saviour. I understand that Dimitri was ashamed of what he did to Rose, but he didn’t need to leave her hanging. My heart broke into a million shards when he said, “Love fades, mine has,”. I was so happy that they reconciled, in the end.

“OMG! OMG! OMG!” This is kind of a given but I came into Vampire Academy clueless of the plot and boy was this a major plot twist. Never in my life did I expect Dimitri to turn Strigoi. I’ve got to thank Richelle Mead, for keeping me up at night to read Blood Promise. He did it because he was trying to save everyone and that just broke my heart even more! This was definitely one of the most “OMG” moments in my whole reading life.

So these are my top 5 “OMG” moments from Vampire Academy and I acknowledge Penguin Teen for doing something similar. If you are a huge Vampire Academy fan, I recommend doing this topic because it’s so much fun to rant your feels about your “OMG” Moments.

What was your OMG moment? Comment bellow!


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