Book News- 13/12/14

Hello! This week unfortunately there is not as much book news but there is something huge that happened in the divergent fandom!

So if you guys didn’t know already the Insurgent Trailer was released and it was pretty good. The only problem is, the trailer doesn’t really seem like the book, I was expecting the box to look like a hard disk not a like a trash cube from Wall-E. The fourtris scenes were amazing! The poster looks amazing as well- I love the way it can be flipped upside down and it looks so cool!

A deleted scene from City of Heavenly Fire, where “SPOILER ALERT” Sebastian is dying was released:
“We forgive you,” Jocelyn said. She was still crying, in the same soundless terrible way, just as she had every year on Jonathan’s birthday when she had held the box with his initials on it and wept.
“No,” he said. “There’s no forgiveness for what I did. I know where I will burn when I die.”
“Heaven does not forgive, but mothers do,” said Jocelyn. “When you were a baby inside me, I dreamed of everything for you. That you would be handsome and strong and good. That I would sing to you and love you and take care of you.” She gripped his hand tightly. “Maybe not in this world, but in another, I believe that was the truth.”
“Don’t forgive me,” he whispered. “Hate me. Rejoice that I’m dead. After all I have done, the last thing I would wish to bring to you was more grief.”
“Jonathan,” Clary whispered.
His eyes moved toward her. “And sisters,” he said. “Do sisters forgive?”
After reading this, I felt like crying. The whole Sebastian’s Death scene was so touching.

It’s also Project for Awesome this week which is where John and Hank Green host a live youtube video to fundraise for a charity!

That’s all this week on Book News!


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