5 Book Recommendations for Your Christmas Break

Merry Christmas Everyone! There are only 7 more days until Christmas and many of us are on our Christmas break. If you are stumped on what you should read next here are 5 book recommendations to read this Christmas Break!

1) Stephanie Perkins Novels- Anna & The French Kiss, Lola & The Boy Next Door and Isla & The Happy Ever After

This book is a great book to read after reading books such as Allegiant, Champion(Marie Lu) or Clockwork Princess- a book that throws you into full-on mourning period. Her books do not have major plot twists but they are still amazing, cute, romantic and funny and they’ll always put you in a joyous mood. The character are lovable and relatable and the romance between the main characters are developed very well. They are perfect stories of teenage romance, teenage bucketlists and teenage drama. I recently bought Isla and The Happy Ever After and I can’t wait to start it!

2) Delirium Series- Delirium, Pandemonium & Requiem- Lauren Oliver

I love this series, its a dystopian but when you read it is nothing like the mainstream dystopian. The storyline is really carefully thought out, the main character is really strong and the boys are lovable. Christmas is all about the love and the whole series is based around the concept of love and freedom. The book will keep you hooked all Christmas season and its a great read.

3) Hush Hush Series- Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence and Finale- Becca Fitzpatick

Hush Hush is not really “Christmasy” but its so much fun to read. If you liked Lux you’ll definitely like Hush Hush. The characters are witty and it’s the classic storyline of quiet girl meets hot, mysterious new boy but there is more behind the romance- there are angels and nephilim. It will keep you up all night. The series is written really well and I can assure you that you’ll love this series.

4) We Were Liars- E.Lockhart

We Were Liars is a suspense contemporary written by E. Lockhart. The writing is very mysterious and the ending is very ambiguous. The whole book will leave you walking around for days questioning your existence but you’ll definitely recommend it to your friends straight after.

5) Legend Series- Legend, Prodigy, Champion- Marie Lu

Legend is a dystopian trilogy, written in two perspectives of a government’s princess and the government’s most wanted man. There is a lot of world building with the government, classes and rebels. The character development of June and Day is extensive throughout the book and there are clear changes of the characters confidence and personality by the end of the book.

Here are five recommendations for you guys to read this Christmas Break! Merry Christmas Everyone!



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