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#letstalkaboutbooks tag

Hey Guys❤
So, I decided to do a really fun tag called, #letstalkaboutbooks. In this tag, I have to answer 13 simple questions about my opinions on books.

1) Dust Jackets-On or Off?
Dust Jackets are really fragile and can be easily torn but they can be really pretty. That is why I take the dust jacket off while I’m reading and when I put it back on book shelf I slip it back on.

2) Paperback or Hardcover?
Hardcover because who doesn’t want a book with a durable cover? Paperbacks can be really normal and boring and sometimes the publishers add like colored pages into a hardcover book, which makes it look really pretty. So, hardcover but I mostly have paperbacks because they are so much cheaper.

3) Pristine Pages or Notes in The Margin?
Definitely Pristine Pages because I like my books intact. I hate it when people doodle and write notes. It irks me when I have to underline and write notes in the margin when I’m in English.

4) Neat On The Shelf or Towering Book Stack?
Neat On The Shelf because it looks so much neater on a bookshelf. Towering book stacks can fall over really easily and that can cause books to bend.

5) One Book At A Time or Many?
One book at a time because if I read too many at a time I get mixed up with the plot, the characters and the personalities. So, definitely one book at a time.

6) Signed Copies- To Read or Collect?
To collect because signed copies should be handled with extreme care. I get really paranoid easily so if I read a Signed copy I would have to worry about not losing it or breaking it.

7) Speed Reader or Slow & Steady
I am a speed reader but sometimes when I’m really busy it takes me a while to get through a book.

8) Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Fiction because imagination is such a powerful tool, you can twist and change things to make it much more interesting, whereas Non-Fiction is just boring old facts.

9) Bookmark or Folded Pages?
Bookmarks, if you don’t use bookmarks I strongly advice you to go out and purchase one now because folded pages will ruin your book.

10) Happy Ending or Tragedy?
Depends on my mood. I love really big plot twists because of that feeling you get at the end of the book where its like you just went on a roller coaster, but sometimes that roller coaster can be too much so I like happy endings.

11) Shelved by Genre or Alphabetical by Author?
My books are shelved by series. That means all my favorite series are shelved in order on a particular shelf, and then the other ones are put else where but in order of the series.

12) Ditch a Bad Title or Finish it Out?
Usually I finish it out because the books have so much hype, so I try to be patient and read it until I find something interesting. Once in a blue moon it gets so boring so I ditch it.

13) Once Upon A Time or Dark And Stormy Night?
A dark and stormy night because that way the book hooks you in and starts with a bang!

That’s all for the #letstalkaboutbooks tag, I’ll just tag anyone who wants to do it.



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