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Book Haul!!!- January-22/01/2015

So this month, I’ve read and bought quite a few books, which is why I decided to do my first ever book haul! I will be writing reviews to some of these books- so look out for that.

So the first book on the top of my book stack is a book I’ve been trying to buy for ages. It is the one and only My True Love Gave To Me. My god is it one of the prettiest books on my bookshelf, the books are dyed bright pink and the writing and designs on the front cover are etched in gold. Anyway, lets get to the plot of the book. If you haven’t already heard of this book it has 12 Christmas and New Year themed stories written by the most famous YA Authors. All the stories were edited by Stephanie Perkins and the stories were written by authors such as, Rainbow Rowell and Laini Taylor. The stories are so cute and if you feel like you have a lot of Christmas spirit this book is for you.

Now the second book on my list is Masquerade by Kylie Fornaser. I have been dying to read this book because I’ve heard pretty good stuff about it and I was lucky enough to actually get it for free when I pre-ordered Ruby Circle (OMG I CAN’T WAIT TIL IT COMES OUT). The cover is also really pretty it’s violet and white and has a photo of a masquerade mask on it. It is set in 1750’s Venice, so it is historical fiction and its about 7 different teens, from the “highest aristocrat to the lowest servant”. By the looks of it, there are a lot of main characters, which I think is why they put a characters page in the beginning of the book. We follow the stories of the seven teens and apparently lots of drama will ensure.

The next book is Fearless 2 by Francine Pascal, I do not actually know much about this book as I got it as a present. I just know that it is about a girl called Gaia and it is a dystopian. I still need to get Fearless (1). If you have read it let me know in the comments.

So the fourth book in my book haul is Ignite Me by Tahreh Mafi. It is the third and final book in the Shatter Me Trilogy. It is a fairly popular series. It is dystopian and romance. We follow a girl named, Juliette and her friends to help make the horribly dystopian world into a better place by eliminating certain people.

The fifth book is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Nirven, which is a new release and OMG it is amazing. I loved it so much, it was sad and emotional. Her writing is beautiful and the storyline is quite unique. There will be a review for this book coming up soon!

The next book on my list is The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey, which is the second book in the 5th Wave Series. It was just as good as the first one. I am also really excited for the movie that is coming out this year. It is about a few children trying to solve this apocalypse and it is written in many different perspectives. It is a great read and I highly recommend it.

The second last book on my haul is Popular: Vintage Wisdom For A Modern Geek. It is a biography of a Grade 8 girl who is trying to become popular by following a guide to popularity which was written in the 1950s. It’s super funny and I loved it.

The last book I got is All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner, I have never heard of this book like Fearless 2 I got it as a gift. I know it is contemporary and it deals with subjects such as angst, addiction and family.

These are all the books I got in my book haul and I hope you enjoyed it!



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