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Versatile Blogger Award!


I have been nominated by the lovely, Aaina from Bookenders, to do the Versatile Blogger Award. Bookenders is a lovely blog filled with really cool reviews and you guys should totally check it out! This is my first time doing this award and it seems like a lot of fun!

For this award, I am meant to thank the person who nominated me, share 7 facts about me, show the award on my blog and nominate 15 other people.

Here are 7 interesting facts about me:
1. My two favorite series are The Infernal Devices and Lux.
2. My goal is to inspire many other people to read and to show that reading can be so much fun. That’s why I started this blog.
3. I love biology and when I’m older I want to become a neuroscientist.
4. I just started watching Teen Wolf and I love it!
5. My favorite color is sea blue (like Percy’s eyes).
6. I love drawing and painting, especially water-color paintings.
7. I used to do competitive swimming but I have stopped because I was really busy with school.

Here are the 14 other people I am nominating:
Artemis Skadi
Awesome Geek Girl
Books Over People
Rachael’s Reviews
Passionate For Paperbacks
My Life In Books
The Fangirl Club
Hooked On Books
Inked Words And Wrinkles
Everything Nyze
Welcome To My Library
The Book’s Library
Jammin’s Infinite Bookshelf
Lulu’s Rants And Reads
Estefany’s Book Blog

That’s all for this award❤


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