Book News- 8/02/15


So this week on book news, the new Insurgent trailer was aired at the superbowl but I think Katy Perry and the Sharks were the main highlight.

Who is excited for The Ruby Circle which is coming out in two days, I am so ecstatic because I can’t wait to see Romitri and Sydrian. Richelle Mead has also released a plan of her next series after bloodlines which will be about Chinese mythology. Also recently a lot of rumors about The Mortal Instruments TV Show have been generating. Here are the rumors:

  1. Simon is getting a new girlfriend, right from the beginning.
  2. They have decided to age up the characters
  3. Shadowhunters will be more like a division of CIA Agents.
  4. It is going to be set in LA or San Francisco instead of New York.
  5. It will be called Shadowhunters.

These are the rumors that are going around but please note that these may not be true. The second book in the Firebird series, A Thousand Skies Above You released the cover, which is beautiful.

That’s all this week on Book News. #lovebooks❤


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