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Since, it is nearly Valentine’s Day, I decided to do and start a challenge or tag. On twitter, #whatisloveinfourwords is trending, which is where you string four words together to show what you believe is love and I decided to base my challenge of this trend.

For this challenge or tag, you write ten “what is love in four words” sentences about what you love and what you believe is love. Then state one of your favorite love quotes from a book, a movie or a famous person and then tag ten other bloggers to do the challenge as well.

My ten #whatisloveinfourwords:
1) “Love is fluttering hearts”
2) “Memories engraved by love,”
3) “Love: intricate, beautiful, dangerous”
4) “Unexpectedly, falling in love”
5) “Hand interlocked, wistful eyes”
6) “Love is a bet”
7) “Broken hearts. Surreal dreams.”
8) “Shattered glass, aching souls,”
9) “Hearts molded by fire,”
10) “Beautiful mistakes, ignited love”

My favorite quote about love:
“Love: a single word, a wispy thing, a word no bigger or longer than an edge. That’s what it is: an edge, a razor. It draws up through the center of your life, cutting everything in two. Before and after. The rest of the world falls away on either side,”
-Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Ten people I nominate:
Books over people
Lulu’s Rants and Reads
Rachael’s Books
The Enchanted Book
The Bookish Obsession
Lizzy Reads Books
Brunette With A Book
Becca and Books
Inked Words and Wrinkles
Artemis Skadi

Hope you liked this post and tag! Happy Valentine’s Day❤


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