Book News- 7/03/15


Lots of exciting things have happened especially to the Mortal Instruments fandom. One of the most exciting things is that production of the tv show will begin in Vancouver, May 2015 and not only that but casting call have been put out and you can check that our here: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/tlg/4917063533.html! I am soooooo excited but to be frank with you I read the descriptions of the character and they were close but not exactly what I was thinking of. For example, Clary is 18 where as in the book she is 16.

Also two new snippets of Cassandra Clare’s upcoming books have been released. The first one is of Cassandra Clare’s and Robin Wasserman’s new book, The Lost Herondale, for the Shadow Hunter Academy novella series:

“Demons and warlocks can’t help what they are,” Balogh said darkly. “Shadowhunters are held to a higher standard. The deaths of those three men sit squarely on the shoulders of Tobias Herondale. And he would have been punished in kind, had he ever been foolish enough to show his face again. He never did, but debts need repaying. A trial was held in absentia. He was judged guilty, and punishment was carried out.”

“But I thought you said he never came back?” Julie said.
“Indeed. So the punishment was carried out on his wife, in his stead.”
“His pregnant wife?” Marisol said, looking like she was about to be sick.

“Sed lex, dura lex,” Balogh said. The Latin phrase had been hammered into them from the first day at the Academy, and Simon was coming to hate the sound of it—so often was it used as an excuse for acting like monsters.
Balogh steepled his fingers and contemplated the classroom, watching in satisfaction as his message came clear. This was how the Clave treated cowardice on the battlefield; this was justice under the Covenant. “The Law is hard,” Balogh translated for the hushed students. “But it is the Law.”

Also a new snippet for Lady Midnight was released:
“Let me tell you a truth before you die, Emma,” said the voice. “It is a secret about the Nephilim. They hate love, human love, because they were born of angels. And while God charged his angels to take care of humans, the angels were made first, and they have always hated God’s second creation. That is why Lucifer fell. He was an angel who would not bow to mankind, God’s favored child. Love is the weakness of human beings, and the Angels despise them for it, and the Clave despises it too, and therefore they punish it. Do you know what happens to parabatai who fall in love? Do you know why it’s forbidden?”

I totally ship Emma and Julian and I honestly can’t wait for it. I was really upset to find out that the release date was being pushed back but at least, that means that she will put more time and effort into the new series.

I am also highly ecstatic about a new YA Anthology called Summer Days & Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories. It will be released in summer 2016 and it is exactly like My True Love Gave To Me. It will include the following authors:
Leigh Bardugo
Francesca Lia Block
Libba Bray
Cassandra Clare
Brandy Colbert
Tim Federle
Lev Grossman
Nina LaCour
Stephanie Perkins
Veronica Roth
Jon Skovron
Jennifer E. Smith

OMG I am freaking out about this book. Hopefully, it will live up to standards or be even better than My True Love Gave To Me!

The new UK covers for The Mortal Instruments are here and honestly it is a hundred time better than the new American ones and the old ones it is so beautiful:

They look so intricately designed and I loved how much effort and detail were put into these covers!

Also the final Insurgent trailer was released and the movie is coming out in 12 days! Now for the final piece of news. The new cover for the second book in The Young Elites series was released and it will be called the Rose Society.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s segment of book news.




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