Book News 22/03/15


Lots of exciting things have happened this week and I am honestly so excited!!! First of all, as many of you would know, Insurgent came out. I still haven’t watched it but I am dying of impatience and I seriously need to watch it. I will be watching it and most likely will be doing a #mythoughtson it soon! About Divergent, Veronica Roth is writing a new series but we don’t know that much about it. I am excited to see what it would be about and how it will play out.

Also the new Paper Towns movie released its first ever trailer! I can’t wait for this movie and honestly this trailer took ages to be released! Check it out:

I will most likely have a #mythoughtson this trailer because I have so much to say about it!

Also if you didn’t know already they are re-casting the actors and actresses for the new The Mortal Instruments tv show, The Shadowhunters. I am really glad that they are re-casting because I honestly didn’t like the previous cast. You can check out my thoughts on the whole series here! A new snippet for The Dark Artifices was released:
“Did you tell my brother?” Mark asked.
Emma looked up at him. The spotlight had tracked away from them, thank Raziel, and Mark was sharp-boned light and shadows in the moving illumination. “Tell which of your brothers what?”
“You know,” said Mark.

Ugly Love has started its production and Nick Bateman looks fabulous! Also the new batch of Book Worm boxes was released yesterday, so go check that out!

That’s all this week on Book News! Thank you so much for reading this and keep coming back for new posts and more book news!




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