My Five Reading Confessions

Everyone has something to confess and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you five of confessions about my reading adventure. I am sure everyone has a reading confession, I would love to hear about your confessions, so tell me in the comments below! Here are my five reading confessions (Shhhh!) 🙂

  1. I started reading The Maze Runner but I couldn’t get past the second book. It was really boring and I didn’t have the spark to finish the series.
  2. I have not read Twilight either. I guess it’s because I started have a strong passion for reading after the Twilight hype started to die down. I have also heard fairly bad reviews for this series and therefore haven’t read it.
  3. I read the last page and epilogue of the Mockingjay after I finished the first book, The Hunger Games. I pretty much spoilt the whole series and even when (SPOILER ALERT) Peeta lost his memory I knew that Katniss and him would still be okay in the end.
  4. I have accidentally soiled a book by putting it in my swimming bag. I accidently wet the library copy of Paper Towns and I freaked out. I tried my best to get it back to the normal shape and luckily the novel looked as good as new.
  5. I am not the biggest fan of Harry Potter (Please don’t kill me, Harry Potter Fans). I think it’s because it took ages to get to the action, which is why Goblet of Fire is my favorite novel. Harry Potter books start off with the school and Harry Potter going to school. It is not until the end of the book, til they have Voldemort and Harry Potter battling.

These were my five reading confessions! What are yours??



7 thoughts on “My Five Reading Confessions

  1. I read The Maze Runner, but only that particular book. Wasn’t game for the entire series. The ending itself made me wonder what else could there be.

    Hey, GOF is my fav too!


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