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Love/Hate Tag

Hey Guys,

Like I promised, this is my Love/Hate tag. For this tag, I mention 5 things I love and 5 things I hate. Then I nominate up to 5 other bloggers. Thank you so much to The Food Blog. Go check it out because their blog is pretty cool! I decided to do this tag just to spice things up a little and hopefully you can find a point that relates to you guys as well!

1) Haha… Daemon Black or pretty much any of my favorite fictional characters! Which teenager in the twenty first century does not like a fictional character? From Will Herondale to Daemon Black to Percy Jackson, I LOVE all my favorite fictional characters.

2) Sports/ Exercise- it makes me really happy and I love anything that involves running, swimming or jumping.

3) BOOKS- this is a such as surprise! Seriously though, reading makes me so happy and I love reading because I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it!

4) You Tube- Ummm, YouTube is pretty much everyone’s life. 🙂

5) Quotes- they are so inspiring and I love so many different ones quotes by authors to famous people. They get me through the day and are like a constant reminder of the happy side of life!

Hate 😦
1) THE FACT THAT I’M NOT AT BEA!!! I’m crying because I can’t go to BEA, even though it is my dream to be there! It is held on my birthday yet I am not attending!

2) When people dog ear pages. Just don’t people, please. To all those who dog-ear pages: you are destroying precious books, that deserve to be kept with the utmost care. 🙂

3) Annoying main characters. By annoying I mean- goody two shoes, over-confident, extremely reckless, weak and indecisive characters. These are the characters who irk me and sometimes even cause me to drop the book.

4) People who ask inane questions. It’s not that I hate the person him/herself it’s just the fact that when people ask useless, silly questions they are wasting my precious time and it just annoys me.

5) When the cover of a book is prettier in another country! Take the Percy Jackson covers, for example, the UK covers are atrocious whereas the US covers I not too bad. Some of my Percy Jackson books have the UK cover and boy oh boy do I hate the covers! 🙂

Comment below some of the things you hate or love!

Here are the five bloggers I nominate but if you want to do it- you can totally do it:
Book Snacks
A Book and A Latte
My Tiny Obsessions
essy’s Reading Corner
Coffee n’ Notes

Thanks for reading and being amazing followers of my blog!

Lots of love,


10 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag

  1. Yeyyy thanks for doing the tag! I agree with the dog ear pages & pretty covers in other countries. 😢 I honnesty didn’t know you love books lol 😂


  2. I hate dog eared pages! Books deserve so much better than that! If you can buy a book..you can buy a bookmark, then another one in case you lose the first.


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