Top 5: Fictional Worlds

As book-lovers, do you know what we all want the most? (other than marrying your favorite fictional character *cough* Daemon *cough* ) Yes, that’s right to jump into our favorite fictional, book worlds. Today I have a list of my top 5 book worlds, I want to be part of! These won’t be in order because it is just to hard to choose! 🙂
Sorry about the previous upload of this post, an error occurred and it posted the first half of this post! 🙂
I would love to hear what your favorite book worlds down in the comments below:

1) Vampire Academy
You don’t understand how badly I want to be dhampir! 🙂 I think it would be the coolest thing knowing that you go to a high-class academy where you are training to be a vampire guardian. The facilities would be so cool and it would be just like living in this world but with vampires.

2) Shadowhunter World
I would love to be Shadowhunter, grow up in the Shadowhunter Academy and to kill demons. Cassandra Clare has done an amazing job building this world up that it actually seems real and she has gotten all her facts out of encyclopedias. I know so much about it that I wish I was in there

3) Camp-Half Blood
Who wouldn’t want to be a daughter/son of a Greek God? Like Vampire Academy, I would love to train and learn skills in a camp knowing that I am a half-blood. I would love to go on quests, play capture the flag, jump into the lake and most importantly meet Percy and Annabeth :). I would love to be a daughter of Athena or Poseidon 🙂

4) Luxen
Not a surprise but how cool would it be to be a hybrid alien? I wouldn’t want to be a normal Luxen but like Kat- I want to fall in love with one, almost die, resurrect and become bonded with my Luxen. 🙂

5) Gargoyles
From Jennifer L. Armentrout’s The Dark Elements, I think it would be pretty cool to be dragged into the world of angels and demons. Similar to Shadowhunters, I would love to kill demons and have this whole legendary story about our kind come about.

These are my top 5 fictional worlds! What are some of yours?





21 thoughts on “Top 5: Fictional Worlds

  1. top 5? I only see #1 But I shall have to think about this…. Redwall and Wheel of Time worlds would be great and up on there for me.


  2. Definitely want to be a Dhampir, because well who wouldn’t? But also would have to add Hogwarts into this list, but there are so many worlds that I love in books, and you picked some amazing ones!

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    1. Yay! I hope you start the Dark Elements soon- I can’t wait to read your reviews about it! The last book is coming out at the end of this month! You will definitely fall in love with the series.


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