5 Tips To Get Out Of Your Reading Slump

Have you ever been stuck in a reading slump? Most bookies have gone through at least one or maybe even more reading slumps. They seriously can be a pain and a big worry because during this moment most of us question, “WILL I EVER READ A BOOK AGAIN?” Don’t fear because today I have five tips, I’ve used before, to get out of your reading slump 🙂 This post was inspired by my friend over at Artemis Skadi!

Just on a side note, sorry for not posting all weekend! I was out at a place where the wifi didn’t roam:) ! You will definitely be seeing more posts coming soon!

1. Get Inspired!
Watching other people’s excitement over books, will definitely rub off on you! Watch some booktube ( I recommend: Polandbananabooks) and their over-enthusiasm will inspire you to hop back onto the train of reading, again! You can also watch your best-friend get excited about reading a new series, which can also inspire you to read a series which will get you fangirling for days!
tumblr_mgzyn4Iq7B1rn6aydo2_250 2. Read a hooking series!
Maybe you have been reading too many stand-alone contemporaries or fantasies, which is causing you no new anticipation for the sequels! Find a series which isn’t a contemporary and will cause you to be submerged into a whole new mythical world. That will definitely get you up and kicking for the series. With more books in a series, there are more cliff hangers which will keep you reading and reading for days! Find a series which has heaps of lovers and that way you can fangirl with them! I recommend a Jennifer L. Armentrout series, The Mortal Instruments or Vampire Academy!
tumblr_lmayp5yjCf1qafrh63. Find some time to force your self to read!
Self-discipline is key (I never thought I would ever say that 🙂 )! Find a good two or three hours, without any distractions on your mind (like un-finished homework and chores) and force yourself to read a new hooking book. You don’t have to read a whole book, just enough of the book to get your reading spark up and running!
tumblr_ms7gvq1iqF1sxv3djo1_5004. Drop the book!
Maybe the book you are currently reading is too boring or just not your type but you really want to finish it! Just drop the book and pick it up when you are in a really good reading mood but not during a reading slump. When you want to get through a reading slump pick up the first novel of a fresh new series!tumblr_m8kc1q2HVn1rzq300o1_500

5. Read Extras or Re-read Your Favorite Moments!
I know many authors who post short stories of their series post or before the actual series took place! On Cassandra Clare, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Richelle Mead’s websites you can find short stories of the characters they have created. Find extras of your favorite series and re-read them to remind you how much you loved reading their series! You can also re-read your favorite moments in the actual published books!

These are my top 5 tips to get out of your reading slump and I hope I have helped get you out of your reading slump!



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