5 Stages of A Book Hangover

Do you know that “hangover” feeling you get when you finish a really good book? Yeah, it’s a book hangover. We have all been through it. Your heart aches, you feel like you are about to explode and some times we even cry. It feels like someone close to you has died. I recently finished Jenny Han’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and I went through a major book hangover. Today I decided to write about the five stages we have all been through when we finish a really good book. I am going to use my experience with the Legend series by Marie Lu. Comment below a book which gave you a major book hangover:

Stage 1) The Finish- When you finish the book, and the ending is out of this world!
If you have read the Legend series before, you know that the ending is tear-worthy and it ends with a cliff-hanger. When I finished Champion, I was crying so much and I couldn’t stop the tears. Unfortunately for me, I was out at a grocery store and so while I was crying people were staring at me like I was crazy. The ending was just too much to handle and I could not forget what happened at the end.cryyyyyy3

Stage 2) The Shock and Denial
This is the part where you realize you are actually done with the series and you can’t believe it’s over. So, you keep flicking through the book to find extra parts but you know it’s no use because IT’S OVER! After I finished Champion (the last book in the Legend series), I couldn’t believe it was over. The ending was atrocious and there must be something about what happened to the main characters, June and Day. I flicked through the book and double checked to see if I missed anything but it was really all over.emma-stone-no-no-no-no-no-gif-bgod (1)

Stage 3) The Void
This is what happens when you really know it’s over and it feels like you are breaking on the inside. It feels like the book left this big void in your heart and there is nothing which can patch it up. Your heart feels ripped and torn into pieces. It is the worst feeling but somehow it makes you like the book even more. The Legend series left me broken and I recommended it to so many people. Even though it broke me, I went and recommended it to everyone! (What an oxymoron 🙂 )tumblr_nid9nxNPH01u4559ao1_500

Stage 4) The Questioning
This is the stage when you question everything because you feel like everything is gone because you finished an amazing series. You ask yourself what your life used to be before you read this book and if your life will ever be the same. You wonder if there will ever be a next book and you research everything possible but find no solution to your predicament. When I finished the Legend series, after I stopped crying I had no idea what to do. I went through so much heart ache before that I didn’t know what to continue on with.

Step 5) The Reflections
This stage can last for days and is where you see your book characters in everything. Everything you see or do can somehow link to the characters in the book you just finished. A simple action like sitting can remind you of a character in the series. When I finished Champion, whenever I saw a paperclip (if you have read the series, you would know what I mean), my heart would ache and it felt like it was cracking.

So these are the five stages of a book hangover. I hope this was relatable for you guys!
Don’t forget to comment below a book which gave you a major book hangover!




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