Frostfire and Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking: Double Review

Title: Frostfire and Ice Kissed
Series: Kanin Trilogy
Author: Amanda Hocking
Release Date: January 2015
Retail Price: $16.99
Overall Rating: 8/10
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Drama

The Kanin Trilogy is a spin-off series of Amanda Hocking’s Trylle series. The first two books have been an absolute joyride to read. I loved being submerged into a fantasy drama that still has romance and typical young-adult relationship complications. I was surprised to find out that Amanda Hocking’s novels are actually better than I expected and she really deserves more credit for her stories. I haven’t read a series like this in a long time and there were definitely very nostalgic moments to the times I read series like Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments. I highly recommend it if you loved series with big adventure, romance, plot-twists and fantasy.

Frostfire and Ice-Kissed are in the perspective of Bryn Avern who lives as a guardian in her kingdom but she is considered an outcast in her society and all she wants is to dedicate her life to the king and queen so she can earn the respect she deserves. After being traumatised by the near killing of her father, all she wants is to be the best guardian and to hunt down Konstantine for revenge but along the way she is torn through love, family and friends. Throughout the journey she discovers that people can’t be trusted and games in life will be played.


I can’t tell you how much I seriously enjoyed this book! There was a little bit of everything I love in a young-adult series and this book had the perfect recipe. It was a short series but it really packed a whole punch. We were immersed in such an intricate, yet easy to remember world. Throughout the novel, I noticed parallels to Vampire Academy and it really made me feel nostalgic to the whole series, which is one of the reasons why I loved the novel so much. However, it was still vastly different to the series and had its own unique distinctions.

The main character, Bryn definitely was a strong, three-dimensional character; one that I definitely look up to. She had a really interesting background that was unveiled as the story goes and I didn’t notice how much I learnt about her until I got to the end. Her personality was really strong and you could see how her decisions and actions were all based on her personality. After her encounters with Konstantine, you notice how much strong she is, when she fights she fights with passion and mentally you could also read how strong she was with the way she tried to act calm and the way she tried not to let past events haunt her. Whenever she had a fighting scene, I was silently cheering “You go! Glen Coco!” because she was a star during those scenes.

However, she still was flawed and I really like that because it makes her character much more relatable, she was definitely reckless and stubborn. At times I was smacking my head against the wall. The way she wanted to keep jumping into the situation, even though she was forbidden from doing the task and also how she kept talking back to the king and queen even though she ranks very low in the social hierarchy. That is why I really liked that scene with Kasper where he points out her flaws and then she really notices her personality. I do really respect her strong-willed nature and how dedicated she was to her job- that is something I really idolised and that is why I love her character so much.

Ridley’s character and personality was not explored in depth enough but I definitely love the forbidden love between him and Bryn. I feel like he didn’t get many parts in the second book, the only major scene he was in was the first third of the book and the scene at Tilda’s wedding. He is really perfect, “his tan skin looked so smooth,” which kind of put me off because I would have loved to read more about his flaws. He did have a few flaws from time to time like with his father and his over-dedication to his work and I still like his character and how he is the love interest of Bryn. I ship them so hard and I seriously hope that they get together at the end. He really reminds me of Dimitri.

It was a seriously nail-biting plot and I can’t wait to see how Bryn and Konstantine’s relationship will turn out. I loved how in the first book they jumped straight into a flashback of an important time in Bryn’s life, it was really ambiguous but still suspenseful. I am itching to find out more about Konstantine’s character and I really like how Amanda Hocking deliberately tries to make Konstantine’s character and backstory really open-ended. I knew that Kenett was evil, right from the beginning and I don’t know what to think of the Skojare queen now. I hope that there will be a major plot twist about their characters. I am excited to find out what will happen to Bryn now that she has to be on the run.

Overall, the Kanin trilogy is a beautiful written trilogy with likable and relatable characters that everyone will love. I can’t wait to read the next book, Crystal Kingdom,and I will definitely be reading the Trylle trilogy soon!

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5 thoughts on “Frostfire and Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking: Double Review

  1. I loved these novels! I can’t wait for the last one to come out! It comes out the end of this year I believe. I agree with you, I love Bryn’s character, she’s strong and very independent, which makes her a lot of fun to read about. The whole Bryn and Ridley plotline I saw coming from the moment they were introduced, it felt very predictable, but yet I still loved it! Once the last novel comes out I’ll be posting my review of the series! I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves this series. I’m a fan of Amanda Hocking and her style of writing, I seem to just fall right into her worlds! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh really? I didn’t know it was coming out so soon, I thought it was the end of the year! That’s exciting! I can’t wait to read what you thought of it! 🙂


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