5 Books, 5 Songs!


I am a huge music fan and my favorite genre is the hit music they always play on the radio. I don’t really mind what type of music it is, as long as it is the hit music stuff on the radio. Artists, such as Taylor Swift, Tove Lo and Ed Sheeran are all artists I love and constantly listen to. I thought it would be a fun idea to mash-up some of my favorite songs and pair them with a book that reminds me of that song! Don’t deny it, you have definitely heard a song and gone OMG that is my book in three minutes. List a song and book paring! I would love to see your mash-ups!

Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato ❤ Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Cool For The Summer has definitely been a summer hit and there are heaps of books that remind me of the summer (THE BEST SEASON 🙂 ). However, Open Road Summer really reminds me of this song because the book has this amazing summer vibe! Not only that but the song is about keeping a secret and isn’t that pretty much what Open Road Summer is about keeping their relationship secret? If you haven’t read this book I totally recommend it! Open Road Summer is a perfect summer read for the holidays!

I Don’t Like It I Love It by Florida, Robin Thicke ❤ The Dark Elements by Jennifer L. Armentrout
FotorCreated1This song has this super fun vibe that always makes me happy whenever I am sad. Since the song came out, every time someone has hit the play button on this song I will immediately get up and jam out! For this song, I decided to choose a fun book I have recently read and that was Every Last Breath, the last book in the Dark Elements Trilogy. Any Jennifer L. Armentrout book even though they are fantasy, the character always have a happy and fun mood and they are a great joy ride to read! Just like this song, every time someone mentions a Jennifer L. Armentrout book I will immediately smile with the memories of reading the book!

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift ❤ L.A Candy Series by Lauren Conrad


Another recent read, I just finished the last two books of this series after looking for them everywhere. If you have read this book there’s a lot of backstabbing and bad-blood between the main characters and because the song is about bad-blood between friends this series certainly suits the song’s story. The whole song is about trusting someone and then losing their trust which is pretty much the L.A Candy series in a bubble. Even though, the book is “childlishly gossip-girl” it was pretty addicting! #guiltypleasure

Powerful by Ellie Goulding ❤ Lux Series

This song is pretty much the relationship of every book ship in every novel but Katy and Daemon definitely remind me of this song! Katy and Daemon’s relationship was developed so well throughout the novel, that every single time Katy and Daemon saw each other you could see the “powerful” electricity between them!

You Know You Like It by Aluna George ❤ Vampire Academy

Or pretty much any novel that has forbidden love but Vampire Academy’s forbidden love with Rose and Dimitri pretty much is this song. Dimitri “is scared of the shame” because of his social hierarchy but his love for Rose is driving him “insane”. I love this song and I love this book! What a great pairing!




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