Back-To-School Bookish DIYs

Hey Guys!

I have a DIY post, today and since it is back-to-school soon for some of us, I thought it would be a great idea to do two easy DIYs that are book related but are super useful for school. I am doing this in collaboration with Coffee Book Love, who is also doing a “back-to-school” post which you can check out here! Her blog is awesome and so is her! I am super pumped to show you guys the two DIYs because they are quick, easy and super customisable!

Here are the two DIYs I’ll be doing:
– “Perfect Boys Only Exist In Books” Tumbler
– “Eat, Read, Sleep” Notebooks

“Eat, Read, Sleep” Notebooks

This notebook is super cute and definitely has a “bookish” vibe! They turned out super well and they actually look store bought!

Here is what you’ll need:
– A notebook
– Chalk
– Sponge Paint-Brush
– Chalkboard Paint ( You can try using black acrylic but it won’t have the same effect)

Step 1) Using your sponge and the chalkboard paint, generously sponge on a coat of the chalkboard paint until you can’t see the notebook’s original color. Wait til dry.

tep 2) Once it has finished drying, use the white chalk to write, cursively, on the words “eat, read, sleep” separating the words into a different line. Then you are done!

This notebook literally took me five minutes (excluding drying time) and it only took two steps! They would look super cute with any other quotes and it will definitely stick out from the boring mono-colored notebooks, you get for cheap. This is a really inexpensive way to make your notebooks seem expensive.

“Perfect Boys Only Exist In Books” Tumbler

Coffee tumblers have definitely become so popular but everyone usually has the plain old white or glittery one whenever they arrive to school. This tumbler spices up the boring tumbler with a cute little zing. You can make this “bookish” or not but either way it is super inexpensive and easy to make.

Groceries List:
– Tumbler
– Scissors
– Paper
– Glue Stick

IMG_0683 IMG_0685
Step 1) Unscrew the inner tumbler out and use it as a measuring tool. Measure and trim some patterned paper around the tumbler, to get the right size. Then glue the two ends of the paper together around the tumbler so that it comfortably sits on the tumbler.

Step 2) Trace a circle on a separate piece of paper and then write your desired quote inside the circle and cut it out.

Step 3) Glue it on to the originally measured pattern paper and place the tumbler back into the glass case. Then it is ready for you to bring back to school.

I hope you loved the two DIYs and if you ever recreated any of these I would love to see it in the comments! Don’t forget to check out the posts at Coffee Book Love’s blog!



9 thoughts on “Back-To-School Bookish DIYs

  1. Thank you so much for collaborating with me!!! I am so not crafty, but these are awesome. If we ever decode to collab again, which I sincerely hope we do, you can pick the theme. Or if you wanted to make this a series, we could totally do that, too! Just let me know.
    Thank you, again! You are so awesome and I really enjoy reading everything you post.

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