#mythoughts on the new Allegiant trailer: “Tear Down The Wall”

Hey, guys!

Before I get into #mythoughts on the new Allegiant trailer, which was released yesterday, I just wanted to ask- Do you like my new layout of my blog? I’ve changed it so that most of the photos used are edited and taken by me. Also, don’t forget to check out the new trailer, before you get spoilt:

Before I start this #mythoughts, I just want to say that I fully respect the fact, that this is a movie that has been made with great effort. However, as a true Divergent fan, I may have a bit more than a few complaints about the new Allegiant movie. First of all, let’s talk about the fact that this movie is being made into two parts. No…just no. There isn’t much that happens in Allegiant: Tris and the rest of the other main characters jump over the wall, they discover the lost city of “Chicago”, they discover they were part of a grand scheme of a government experiment, David wants to wipe out the memory of the whole city and then Tris dies trying to save the innocent people living in the Divergent world. I don’t really understand how they are going to drag such a short plot into two movies. Not only that but instead of being called, “Allegiant: Part Two,”, It’s going to be called “Ascendant”. To be honest I rather, Allegiant: Part Two, I was so confused. Maybe it will work out and make sense after watching the movie but at the point in time, I’m not a big fan.

Now onto my thoughts on the latest trailer titled, “Tear Down The Wall”. Yes, it already sounds extremely cheesy. I was blown away by the effects, you can tell lots of effort was put into the editing and filming. It looks so stunning and amazing, yet, it seems to be poorly adapted. I have a feeling, based on what I saw in the trailer, that the beginning of the film will be a little slow. What I was confused about was the fact that they were running, yes, running up the walls. What I really enjoyed about the series, was the fact that it seemed realistic and it could possibly happen, in the future. However, the movies have taken it to a whole new level of fantasy. There is no way people could run up walls and to be honest, I was rolling my eyes. As they panned into what seemed to be beyond the wall (Chicago), it looked like intergalactic Mars. This is  a dystopian, not really a “sci-fi”. There were floating and flying pods, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not remember flying spaceships in the book. I remembered visualizing a place with barren and arid grounds filled with pollution, kind of like the Earth presented on Wall-E, not Mars or Jupiter.

However, you have got to like Theo James. I saw in a recent video that there will be a lot more Four/Tobias cameos due to the fact that his story has been painted a lot more since the second book and they will continue in the third movie. I honestly can’t wait. What I really enjoyed about these movies, are the characters. Tris and Four are portrayed really well and I’m excited to see the new characters, such as Nina and David. The whole “airplanes” scenes seem to be like to book and I’m excited to see how Four reacts in the film. The only problem is Tris and Four’s relationship has no chemistry and I do not know how that will turn out in the movie, based on the little chemistry I saw in the trailer.

Nevertheless, I’m still super excited to watch the film as it comes out in the cinema. What did you think of the trailer? Comment below❤

Also, I’m super excited and happy because I just watched 5th Wave and I’m taken aback! It was better than I expected, it stayed pretty true to the book and it has made me want to re-read the series! Have you watched The 5th Wave movie yet?

Thanks, guys!



15 thoughts on “#mythoughts on the new Allegiant trailer: “Tear Down The Wall”

  1. By the way, love the new look of the blog. Its really great. you have to give me tips on how you take those awesome photos. just email me or something.

    now on to Allegiant…..2 parts? heck no I was mad about Mocking Jay but I never thought They would do it to Allegiant. I was already losing interest from all the changes they made in insurgent that I was not surprised that more changes are being made to allegiant. And yes there were no spaceships or anything like that, I guess this movie is taking book adaptations to a whole new level. Well i guess we will just wait and see what the critics will say about this.


  2. I love your blog layout very much!

    I sense a bit of divergence from the book! I’ve heard that the ending may even be different. I’ve enjoyed reading the series and have debated whether to watch the movies for that reason.


  3. HAHA yes!!!! I was legit about to say that was not Chicago that’s like a stars wars adapted space station. Wtf! I reaaally hope they don’t make tris die in this adaptation. That’s the one thing that totally ruined the books for me.


  4. I completely agree! I definitely think they are straying a little to far from what the book says. But on the other hand im excited to see what they do to this movie, i was upset with the amount of changes in insurgent!


  5. I’m trying to avoid the trailers… I’ve read Divergent and Insurgent, but after reading sad spoilers on Twitter I never got around to reading Allegiant. I’m hoping to do it this year before I see the movie!


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