Hiya! My name is Alicia and I am just a girl who loves books, especially YA Fiction, inspirational things and Instagram. Don’t ask me about my love-life because it is just a complicated web of fictional boys!

Welcome to my blog!!!! I’ll be writing reviews to the all the YA fiction books I’ve read, I’ll update you guys with the latest book news, show you some cool DIY book crafts (because there are not enough of them) and I’ll blog about my reading adventure. I love to read and fangirl about books. I hope you love this blog and don’t forget to live a thousand lives by reading one book at a time!

I know I’m fairly new to this whole blogging thing but I hope I can get to know more bloggers and expand my blogger horizon! I’m not professional (Even though I wish I was 🙂 ) but I just love talking and writing about books and I hope I can do that through this blog! 🙂

I’d love to hear from you guys. If you have any book requests, business inquiries or you would just like to say hey, send an email to hashtaglovebooks@gmail.com. Check out my other page: Review Policy and Contact, for further details about my contact details and about how I review my books.

TO OTHER BLOGGERS: If like me you also have a blog, I will be willing to advertise your blog using a button or a feature post, given that you have a following/audience of over 400 or of a similar follow count as my blog. Email me @ hashtaglovebooks@gmail.com or contact me via the contact form below for more details.
You can also follow me on:
Instagram: @hashtaglovebooks.alicia
Twitter: @hashtaglovebook
Google+: #lovebooks Alicia


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