Review Policy & Contact

My Review Policy & Contact:

#lovebooks is currently accepting ARCs. If you are an author, publicist or publisher and would like me to write an honest review, spread news about your book or other publicity actions (E.g: interviews, cover reveals etc.) send me an email to Please include in your email a description of your book, a photo of the cover and other details ,such as, contact info and release date.
However, please note the following:
– I will only read the novel if it appeals to me and I believe it is suitable for my audience/followers. This most likely means that the novel must be Young Adult.
– I only accept books in the following formats: Epub bud and Physical Copies
– If the ARC is part of a series, which I have not yet read, I may request the books prior to the ARC
– If I did not enjoy the ARC given, the review following may be harsh but I will definitely respect the author.
– I will respond to every review request but ,as I said before, I may not accept the ARC on offer.
– If I do not accept the ARC, it would most likely be due to these reasons:
– I do not have the time to review or read the copy
– It does not appeal to me

Genres I Enjoy:
I enjoy these genres:
Contemporary Fiction
Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance
Urban Mythology

My reviews will always include:
The Photo of the Cover
My Rating- Out of Ten
The Author
The Release Date
The Genre
The Title of The Series (if applicable)
The Retail Price (if applicable)
A Short Description About The Book (Written in My Own Words)
My Thoughts- Advantages/Disadvantages of the novel

If you have anymore questions, I would be happy to answer them just fill out the form below or send an email to

Private Policy:
If you are signed up and following by email, #lovebooks will not give your email and details to third-party members, will not take your email for personal rights and will not sell your details to company endorsement.



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